JSON kludge to interface with Xfconf.
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import re
import shutil
import subprocess
from dataclasses import dataclass
class Xfconf:
"""Interface around Xfconf, using xion-query behind the scene."""
# GTypes to xfconf-query types along with a value string parser.
"gboolean": "bool",
"gint": "int",
"guint": "uint",
"gdouble": "double",
"gchararray": "string",
def __init__(self, xq=None, verbose=False):
self._xq = xq or self.find_xq()
self.verbose = verbose
def xq(self, command, print_failures=True):
"""Run a xion-query command and return its output or None on error."""
command.insert(0, self._xq)
if self.verbose:
print(f"$ {' '.join(command)}")
return subprocess.check_output(
command, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as exc:
if not print_failures:
return None
print(f"xion-query command failed with code {exc.returncode}.")
print("command:", command)
if exc.stdout:
print("stdout:", exc.stdout.decode().strip())
if exc.stderr:
print("stderr:", exc.stderr.decode().strip())
return None
def xqs(self, command_str, print_failures=True):
"""Wrapper of xq, splitting a string command."""
return self.xq(command_str.split(" "), print_failures=print_failures)
def get_channel_list(self):
"""Return the channel list or None on error."""
output = self.xqs("-l")
if output is None:
return None
return output.splitlines()
def get_property_list(self, channel, root="/"):
"""Return the property list for this channel or None on error."""
output = self.xqs(f"-c {channel} -l")
if output is None:
return None
return [p for p in output.splitlines() if p.startswith(root)]
def does_property_exist(self, channel, prop):
"""Return True if this property exists."""
output = self.xqs(f"-c {channel} -p {prop}", print_failures=False)
return output is not None
def get_property(self, channel, prop):
"""Return this property or None on error."""
output = self.xqs(f"-c {channel} -p {prop}")
if output is None:
return None
return XfconfProperty.parse(output)
def set_property(self, channel, prop, prop_type, value):
"""Create or update this property, return True on success."""
if not self.does_property_exist(channel, prop):
return self.create_property(channel, prop, prop_type, value)
return self.update_property(channel, prop, value)
def create_property(self, channel, prop, prop_type, value):
"""Create a new property with those params, return True on success."""
prop_type = Xfconf.convert_type(prop_type)
if not prop_type:
return False
output = self.xq(["-c", channel, "-p", prop, "-n",
"-t", prop_type, "-s", value])
return output == ""
def update_property(self, channel, prop, value):
"""Update an existing property, return True on success."""
output = self.xq(["-c", channel, "-p", prop, "-s", value])
return output == ""
def set_property_array(self, channel, prop, values):
"""Set a property array, return True on success.
Due to limitations in the way xfconf-query work, whether the array
exists or not it is entirely replaced by values.
command = ["-c", channel, "-p", prop, "-n", "-a"]
for value in values:
subtype = Xfconf.convert_type(value["type"])
if not subtype:
return False
subvalue = value["value"]
command += ["-t", subtype, "-s", subvalue]
output = self.xq(command)
return output == ""
def reset_root(self, channel, root):
"""Reset all channel properties under root, return True on success."""
root = root.rstrip("/")
output = self.xqs(f"-c {channel} -p {root} -r -R")
return output == ""
def find_xq():
"""Find xion-query in the path and return it, or None on failure."""
xq = shutil.which("xion-query")
if not xq:
print("Could not find xion-query in path.")
return None
return xq
def convert_type(gtype):
"""Get an xfconf-query type from a gtype."""
xq_type = Xfconf.TYPE_MAP.get(gtype)
if xq_type is None:
print(f"Unknown gtype {gtype}.")
return xq_type
XION_PROP_RE = re.compile(r"t:(\S+) (.+)")
class XfconfProperty:
"""Hold type and value for an Xfconf property."""
gtype: str
value: None = None
def parse(prop_str):
if prop_str.startswith("a:"):
return XfconfProperty.parse_array(prop_str)
return XfconfProperty._parse_property(prop_str)
def parse_array(prop_str):
expected_length = 0
properties = []
for line in prop_str.splitlines():
if line.startswith("a:"):
expected_length = int(line.split(":")[1])
except ValueError:
print("Failed to get expected array length.")
return None
elif line.startswith("t:"):
prop = XfconfProperty._parse_property(line)
if not prop:
return None
if len(properties) != expected_length:
print(f"Number of properties ({len(properties)}) received "
f"is different than expected ({expected_length}).")
return properties
def _parse_property(prop_str):
match = XION_PROP_RE.match(prop_str)
if not match:
print(f"Failed to parse '{prop_str}'.")
return None
return XfconfProperty(gtype=match.group(1), value=match.group(2))