JSON kludge to interface with Xfconf.
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import json
from xion.xfconf import Xfconf
class Xion:
"""Manipulate Xfconf settings trees."""
def __init__(self, xq=None, verbose=False):
self.xfconf = Xfconf(xq=xq, verbose=verbose)
self.verbose = verbose
def build_tree(self, channel, root="/"):
"""Return a dict of properties in this channel, filtering on root.
Return None on error. Root has to start with "/" to be valid. Arrays are
added to the tree as a list of properties.
if not root.startswith("/"):
print("Invalid root, must start with /")
return None
props = self.xfconf.get_property_list(channel, root=root)
if props is None:
print(f"Failed to get property list for channel {channel}.")
return None
tree = {}
for prop_name in props:
prop = self.xfconf.get_property(channel, prop_name)
if prop is None:
print(f"Failed to get property {prop_name}.")
return None
if isinstance(prop, list):
leaf = [Xion._build_prop_leaf(p) for p in prop]
leaf = Xion._build_prop_leaf(prop)
tree[prop_name] = leaf
return tree
def _build_prop_leaf(prop):
return {"type": prop.gtype, "value": str(prop.value)}
def export_tree(self, channel, root, tree, output_path):
"""Export a property tree as a sorted JSON file."""
tree["channel"] = channel
tree["root"] = root
with open(output_path, "wt") as output_file:
json.dump(tree, output_file, indent=2, sort_keys=True)
def import_tree(self, file_path):
"""Load a property tree."""
with open(file_path, "rt") as input_file:
tree = json.load(input_file)
channel = tree.pop("channel")
root = tree.pop("root")
except KeyError:
print("Missing channel or root in JSON.")
return None, None, tree
return channel, root, tree
def apply_tree(self, channel, root, tree, confirm=True, replace=False):
"""Apply tree settings under root to channel, return True on success."""
num_changes = len(tree)
print(f"{num_changes} changes to do in {channel} for {root}.")
if replace:
print("This will erase all properties in the channel.")
if confirm and input("Confirm? [y/N]") != "y":
print("Operation cancelled.")
return False
if replace:
if not self.clear_tree(channel, root):
print("Failed to clear properties.")
return False
for prop, content in tree.items():
if not self.apply_property(channel, prop, content):
print(f"Failed to apply property {prop}.")
return False
return True
def clear_tree(self, channel, root):
"""Remove all channel configs under root, return True on success."""
return self.xfconf.reset_root(channel, root)
def apply_property(self, channel, name, content):
"""Update one property in Xfconf, return True on success."""
if isinstance(content, list):
return self.xfconf.set_property_array(channel, name, content)
prop_type = content["type"]
value = content["value"]
return self.xfconf.set_property(channel, name, prop_type, value)