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@ -54,9 +54,8 @@ have it installed, check out this Gemini link `gemini://
The easier installation method is using Pip, either user or system-wide
installation. I recommend user installation, but a system-wide installation
should not cause issues as there are no dependencies.
The recommended installation method is using Pipx, but using Pip is fine, either
user or system-wide installation.
# User installation:
@ -124,6 +123,16 @@ Here is a list of plugins I did, available on PyPI:
[plugin-finger]: plugins/finger/
[plugin-gopher]: plugins/gopher/
Plugins have to be installed in the same Python environment as Bebop. If you
installed Bebop using Pipx, this is done using the `inject` command.
# Installating the Gopher plugin in the user environment:
pip3 install --user bebop-browser-gopher
# Installating the Gopher plugin for a Pipx installation:
pipx inject bebop-browser bebop-browser-gopher